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VFX / CGI / Motion Design

Clean-Up & Retouching

Clean-up is a general term for a various compositing techniques used for finishing shots in post-production and for removals of unwanted objects, phenomena and artifacts.
Clean-up techniques include:
  • retouching – a frame-by-frame artifact removal through painting over the parts of the image. For example: removing stunt wires, ropes, unwanted logos, contemporary elements on historic building, etc.
  • rotoscopy – masking out wanted or unwanted artifacts with hand-drawn or automatic outlines for compositing purposes
  • digital make-up – improving character’s look, fixing wardrobe details, correcting hair, painting wounds
  • inserting of screens into filmed TVs or mobiles, attaching posters
  • design and inserting of digital interfaces for existing or futuristic devices, websites, computer applications

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